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WordPress Web Design

One of our team experts will work with you to ensure we set up your new business website to not just look good but to also perform. We will agree and have a clear understanding of what you want your new business website to look like and what features you need on the wordpress website.

Logo Creation

Need a logo for your business? We also offer logo design with 5 free revisions to ensure you are satisfied before we publish your new website.

Why are logos important?

  • Website logos grab attention. You have less than 3 seconds to convince people you are a company thaat they should hire in order to meet their needs. First impressions do matter in cyber land.
  • Logo designs are memorable. Hey, they worked quite well for the Rolling Stones and Mcdonalds didn’t they. Your new logo can help with your marketing and branding needs so that your logo and colors can go on all your other marketing material.
  • A nice website logo will separate you from your competition. You need to stand out!

Content Writing

Here at Mearoon Media we like to say “CONTENT IS KING”. Our content writing service works in tandem with our SEO packages to not only let your website readers have an enjoyable experience
but to also let the search engines give you some love.


SEO is a complicated art. We will make sure that we discuss with you who your perfect customer is and where they might be found. Local, National and World Wide packages are available.
Mearoon Media makes sure we are up to date with any new google algorythms or changes in website ranking protocols. Anybody who promises you 1st page of google in 30 days is blowing smoke
up your caboose and you should avoid jumping on that train at all costs. Attaining 1st page rankings for competitve keywords can take up to a year or longer.
Mearoon Media will do keyword research and competitor keyword research and come up with the best plan to knock out your competition. We will integrate the SEO plan with the
best wordpress seo plugin. Part of our WordPress SEO Packages also include:

A. Creating and submitting a sitemap to google.
B. Adding your website address to google webmaster tools.
C. Monitoring your WordPress Website SEO Campaign in google webmaster tools.
D. Directory submissions to assist in link building.
E. Optimizing photos.

For those of you looking to improve your SEO on an existing website there is a charge for a website audit. This is similar to a diagnostic your mechanic would do if your car was having
engine problems. We will see what areas need improvement and get to work making sure these improvements are made. Fill out the form here (make link) for a free website scan

Mearoon Media does not promise any 1st page rankings because quite frankly we, just like everybody else out there has no control over what google is oging to do. All we can do is stick to
the google seo protocols in order to give you the best chance of getting nice keyword rankings.


Not everybody is computer and social media saavy. It is ok because Mearoon Media can set you up a facebook business page in a timely manner. All you do is give us the info you want to go on the page and we will do the rest.

Looking to get more website traffic or clicks form facebook to your website services page? If you are we can set up a facebook campaign for you. We will go over everything with you including locations you wish to target and budget.


Mearoon Media offers an onilne reputation management platform to make sure you look good not bad on google. Have you googled yourself or your business lately? Hopefully there are no surprises when you do. However, millions of people google themselves only to find negative content or images of their self/ name. Google search is great for searching content but on the flip side of the coin it is not so great because they have no monitoring system in place for new submitted content.

Think of this….you fired somebody (Let’s call him Dave) for doing drugs at work. You are a family person, god fearing and hard working american. “DAVE” is quite upset that he was fired and takes to the internet. He can go on any blogging platform or even sites like medium.com and he can write whatever the heck he wants about you, hit the publish button and be well on his way to disgruntled employee land. Nobody will verify that the lies “DAVE” just published about you are true or false.

It is very important for personal and business reasons you monitor your online reputation. Disgruntled employees, jaded ex’s, fierce competitors or just a plain ole’ hater can ruin your day with the push of a button. Potential employers will usually google you and even try and check out your social media. The nosey neighbor….. he will google you and you can count on that.

A jealous co-worker can take to the web find your dui from a company christmas party 10 years ago and publish all over the web that you are a drunken bum. Then begin to make your life miserable at work. Fierce business competitors can write horrible reviews about your business and unless you google your name or business you may never know this crap was out there for the whole word to see. New relationships are also a google search given for friends and family to find out all they can can about the potential new mate of their family member/ friend

Unfortuntely there is a dark side to the internet. Mearoon Media wants to contribute not a not so dark internet but rather a “happy place” for people to experience. Mearoon Media is here to help you monitor your ORM and also to suppress any negative BS someone may have published online about you. If you do find negative content you can try and notify the operator of the website that the content is on and ask them nicely to remove it. If the negative content is on an old social media page you created then log in and delete it.

You can send a request to google to remove but it ain’t gonna happen. If you lived in the UK then yes it would. It’s kind of odd that in Europe you can report false content about you to google and it will get removed but in the USA google won’t remove unless by court order. If you need the help of Mearoon Media then please call us today at 480-447-6973 and we will be more than happy to restore your good name.


Did you know that over 30,000 websites a day get hacked? That’s right they do. Sophos Labs recently released that cyber criminals will stop at nothing to spread malicious code onto as many websites as they can. They will attack BIG and SMALL business websites as well as personal websites and this can be big trouble for you whether you are a BIG or SMALL business or whether your website has 20 pages or your website has 1 page.

It is unfortunate but in reality ALL websites are at risk. Make sure if you have web hosting with someone other than us that they have security. If malicious code gets on your website your hosting company will tell you there is nothing they can do and tell you to contact some 3rd party vendor. At this point your bad dream turns quickly into a nightmare. If you are lucky enough to get somebody on the phone they will most likely tell you they need anywhere from $300-$600 to remove the malware from your website. I know this because I called for somebody and that’s what I was told. This was after 5 or 6 attempts getting automated messages, disconnected when clicking promps etc. Next thing I knew an hour of my life blew by and nothing got done. For a price they will remove but they won’t protect so it can happen over and over again and you would pay every time.

With our hosting and website security packages we make things simple. We offer scanning, creating website backups, ip address blocking, security certificates (SSL) and more. If you were to get malware we will take care of it. We offer all this for a low monthly cost. Some people refer to website security as website insurance. If you insure your car you should consider insuring your website.

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